19 abril, 2010

Digital Divide

In one of our firsts Hands on Project, we studied the phenomenon of The Digital Divide in our society.

This is an interesting video about the phenomenon:


Due to the information we deal with, we have the false impression that we live in a perfect information society, in which we all have access to free flows of information, the ideas and the knowledge all across the globe. Unfortunately, this is just how we would like it to be. As we know, the The Digital Divide refers to a process that differs those who are connected to the digital revolution from those who have no access to the benefits of the new technologies. This phenomenon is not only present accross international frontiers but also within communities where people are separated by economical and knowledge barriers.

As a Digital Native from the Digital Age, I am strongly concerned about the role that technology has played in my education. As a result, I have been trying to figure out how I would have changed if I were born in a disadvantaged zone or among people that are not connected to the Digital Age.

Nowadays, technologies have become a necessity in my routine because I grew up in this environment. But what about those who did not? In our globalized world technology must be reachable for everyone if we all want to evolve at the same pace; real progress will be only attained by sharing a common target.

Digital divide eradication is related to poverty eradication. But are we going to let it become such an utopian topic? As the advantageous part of the society, the Digital Divide is our problem and we must solve it.
It seems that lucky human beings have focused so much on going ahead that have left behind those unable to move forward. Isn't it sad?

The Digital Age puzzle won't be completed if each puzzle piece is not placed correctly.

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El blog de Tetuán por BeaBurgos dijo...

I am amazed at how much interest the Digital Divide has caused... I really liked the way you exposed it, very clear. Thank for the link!

El blog de Tetuán por BeaBurgos dijo...

By the way, I checked the link and it's not working...

Lalilou* dijo...

Oops! Im sorting it out!

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